Book: Yellow Otter Man

COMING SOON!!!! Available on 11-11-2020

This Twin Flaming hot book was made available to the Whole Global Community on my 35th birthday 11-11-2020; because i M a sorcerer. And this is sorcery!!

This is the spirit of Thabiso’s book. I am super magical, so proceed with caution. You can not fit me into a price cubicle. In fact, we hate, with a capital H, hate that BS. We are art. And we are a gift from Thabiso’s heart to yours. So let’s stick it to the Man! If you are open for an adventure then you can email down below. I absolutely can’t wait to meet you, said the book. We have a minimum donation of $22.60, as suggested, to get a taste of the glory. If you are confused then good. Our plan is working. Peace out.


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