Hi   there,   my   name  is  Thabiso  pronounced   (to-be-so).   My   name   means    “giver of happiness”. I tell people they can remember my name by saying “it’s nice to-be-so happy.” Ever since I was a small boy I have thought about being a “giver of happiness”. How do I give someone happiness? In my years of reflecting on being a “giver of happiness” I have realized that I cannot give someone happiness, but luckily we can all find happiness for ourselves. But what I CAN do is be a guide to help you move in the right direction towards finding happiness. I told my son Felix about a dream I had. In this dream a spirit guide showed me a tool that I needed for an actual invention that I was working on at the time. I was so excited that my spirit guide, who frequents my dreams, showed me something that I could use in the real world. When I told my son Felix, who was five at the time, about my dream he responded by asking “what is a guide?”. I explained to Felix that when you go somewhere, like on a vacation, a guide can show you something or explain things about the place where you go on vacation. They can explain and show you things that you wouldn’t have found out about if you didn’t have a guide. Since I am here to be your guide to happiness I can only explain things or show you things about finding happiness. You must go to this place of happiness yourself if you truly want to find happiness. Maybe my name should mean guide to happiness versus giver of happiness. In any case, I hope you enjoy the journey!